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Carolina Garage at 1277 Great Falls Highway in Lancaster, South Carolina

Carolina Garage in 1277 Great Falls Highway, South Carolina: consumer reviews, opening hours, driving directions, photos etc.

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1277 Great Falls Highway,
Lancaster, South Carolina
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Phone: +1 803-285-0184

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Today: 08:30 am — 05:00 pm

08:30 am — 05:00 pm
08:30 am — 05:00 pm
08:30 am — 05:00 pm
08:30 am — 05:00 pm
08:30 am — 05:00 pm

Reviews about Carolina Garage

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    this business is exactly why some garages have a bad reputation for ripping people off. They are very dishonest. The reviews alone show that. The only one below that says it's an honest garage by, 'Jeff' is the actual owner of the garage!!! He reviewed himself pretending to be a customer. That shows his ethics right there. However, to add to that-- on a Friday my husband went to get my car looked at to see how much it'd be to fix my AC. A mechanic took a mirror and looked down and told my husband what the problem was and to bring it back Monday and they'd fix it. So, my husband dropped my car off on the following Monday and asked for an estimate to get the AC fixed before they started the work. The owner called my husband back less then a half hour later to tell My husband that what we need done was $650. When my husband told him we were not going to fix it then, the owner, Jeff, said oh I was wrong it's only $450. Which was the first red flag-- how you just realize after we say we are not going to have it fixed that you were $200 off? So, my husband said we still are not gonna do it and that's when Jeff said we owe $45 for a diagnostic fee-- something he did not tell us beforehand. So, I called him to ask why he didn't tell us that beforehand. He said, 'did you ask?' I told him no, I am a business owner myself and it is the responsibility of the business to disclose that. He told me I was the first person in 7 years to complain (which I found to be a lie because after talking to him I looked up his shop on every link possible including the better business bureau and not one person had one good thing to say about his shop). I then asked if they had any military discounts. His reply was-- while laughing at me-- 'on $45? No I don't have no military discounts on $45'. He's very classy as you can tell. AND THEN HE TOLD ME THAT NOW IT WAS GOING TO BE $125 TO GET MY CAR BACK BECAUSE I HAD AN ATTITUDE!!! Now, I'm not saying I didn't have an attitude but that's not how you run a business. I told him there was no way I was paying him that. He told me if I want to get my car back it was now $125. He then HUNG UP ON ME and called my husband and was bad mouthing me to my husband. My husband told him he was out of line and not to talk about his wife that way and that he didn't appreciate his tone. Jeff then told My husband the reason for the fee was because he had to remove the radiator and take apart the car to find the problem. Lol. My husband called him out and told him he knows how to work on cars and the only reason he's not fixing what's wrong with it is because he doesn't have the tools and he knows for a fact they didn't remove the radiator and take apart the car because he had the car in his possession for less the 30 minutes and that was impossible to have done all that. Jeff then said, 'well, no but I would have had to do all that to fix it.' Then he told my husband that he would take him to the magistrate and get the $125 bc of my attitude. My husband told him to go ahead and try. He knows the law and he won't get $125 just because he thought I had a bad attitude. That's when Jeff huffed and puffed and yelled some more and then backed off and said that there would be no charge. Very shady!! And the icing on the cake was when we did pick up my car-- it hadn't moved from the spot it was in, the key was under the mat in the exact same spot, and the driver seat was all the way forward how I had left it. THEY NEVER EVEN LOOKED AT MY CAR. They knew what was wrong with it from the previous Friday. Very dishonest!!! While talking with others in the community about this incident I heard this same from others-- that this shop is dishonest. Do not trust them.
    by angela tompkins
    June 29, 2017
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Carolina Garage is located at 1277 Great Falls Highway, Lancaster, South Carolina.